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Welcome on our internet presentation

ÚvodWelcome to web sites which present extensional company ALFIMEX s.r.o. which engages in special installations of working systems into utility technology of all marks and types.


Compressor systems

Úvod 2For extrusion of liquid substances from excess pressure tank trucks - food, chemistry, petrochemistry etc. Sources of compressed air for pneumatic transport of loose materials which the carrier stocks to silos and bins of their client.

Pumping and hydraulic technology

Úvod 3Constitutes of various types of sets which provide all types of tilting of mobile pressure silos or opened containers - tippers and extensions. Hydraulic walking floors WF semitrailer technology. Drives and sources for hydraulic arms, hydraulic motors and other appliances (drives for gas pumps, compressors, feeders, liquid pumps etc.)

Alfimex s.r.o. offers and provides:

  • Extensions, modifications and repairs of utility cars, welding aluminium - stainless steel
  • Installations, service, mobile service for CZ and SK
  • Sale and repairs of pipe fittings ( valves, flaps, manometres, pipe couplings DIN, Gossler, STORZ, French, Italian and English couplings, sealing)
  • Drives, shafts, adaptors
  • Solution of gearbox outputs (PTO), design and calculation of systems
  • Hydraulic hoses, quick couplers, reels and accessories
  • Mechanical and locksmith´s repairs of trucks
  • Repairs of cistern containers
  • Technical references, advisory activity, training of technicians

ALFIMEX   2006

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Čeština (Česká republika)English (United Kingdom)Deutsch (Deutschland)